About This Site

The name for this site was largely influenced by my personal experience to what people respond and react to the best. When it comes to sharing the Gospel or defending the faith, we have a tendency as Christians to go for the “win”. We so often desire change to take place NOW. If you look through any comment section to a religious post, its fire vs fire. We look for the roast and love to watch a good beat-down of people who are in opposition to what we believe. Its people with the loudest voices that get noticed. It’s often those loud Christians that we look to for social inspiration. I’m not so inspired by that mindset. If I am to be dogmatic about anything, than it is in the belief that people are greater persuaded when they are catered to and reasoned with. The Bible doesn’t shy away from reasoning. It is through reason that we ultimately are able to find truth.

When I say “Softly Spoken Truth”, it is not undermining the quality of what is being said. But rather, it allows for the focus to remain on the truth being spoken. That is what this site seeks to accomplish. Small voice, loud Truth! 

I am excited to announce a new element to this site as well! The reason for this addition is because part of our mission is being more personal with our readers. I want to hear your questions! What has been pressing on your heart? My goal is to respond directly to as many people as I can. Those questions you have can be sent directly to my email at the bottom of this page. Questions will be responded to directly through email personally or as a featured post of its own on the site. I look forward to hearing from you!