Brad Smalley

Brad Smalley was born on March 11, 1997. His father was and is a head pastor of a Baptist church in central New York. His wife accompanies him in serving at the church and community. This provided a stable Christian household for Brad to grow up in. For much of his early years, he no aspirations to be in ministry as his father was. Though he became a Christian when he was young, his passions resided primarily in sports and music. It wasn’t until Brad attended his first year in college when he realized his future may be much different than he had expected.

After much switching around of areas of study, Brad eventually landed in Apologetics. He attended and received his bachelor’s degree at Liberty University from 2015-2020. He studied Religious Studies: Bible and Theology, with a minor in Apologetics and Cultural Engagement. Upon graduating he became a Youth and Family Pastor for 2 years before returning to Liberty where he is continuing his education to receive a master’s degree in biblical studies.

Also during his time as an undergraduate at Liberty, he was a sprinter and jumper on their D1 Track and Field team. Sports have been a big part of his life. He attributes track and field for helping him develop the self-discipline and drive needed to strive be successful in all aspects of life. He used his experience as an athlete at Liberty as an opportunity to serve the Lord and influence the lives around him on and off the track. It is because of the way God used track and field to grow him spiritually that you will see a decent amount of his writing reflecting upon his life as an athlete and using analogies relating to track.

His passion for writing didn’t come until his early college days as well. He served as a summer camp counselor for 4 years at a youth bible camp called, Camp Bayouca. It was here that he knew God was calling him to ministry, and it was here where his passion for reaching others through writing grew. It began with simple devotionals that he wrote in his personal quiet time. But before long, that cup overflowed, and he knew God wanted to share that encouragement with others.

All the passion and discipline he had for track and field is now funneled into study of the word. He has a passion for the truth above all else. He considers himself a forever student of the Word. That is what can be seen in his writings. He doesn’t back down from difficult topics. He trusts the inerrant Word of God as his ultimate authority and simply wants to be used to share its message.