The Waiting Room

“When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

This is a well known quote we often hear when a hope or dream seemingly gets crushed. It offers hope and security in that time of hurt, promising that God always has something better in store for your future. It is awesome to know that we have a God who can turn our hurt into hope. God desires for us to follow after him and proudly walk according to his will. As we continue to do that, God will continue to open up those windows and doors that allow us to build our relationship with him even stronger. But often times there is a lot more that goes into that process. The walk is not nearly as clearly marked as we might expect. Sometimes we will find ourselves in a dark quiet room where no door or window appears to be open. A period of time where God seems to be quiet and distanced from us. Has God forgotten about us? I’m sure that as spiritually mature Christians it is easy to say no, but when we look forward to our broken path in front of us it is hard to not at least consider the possibility. It’s true, “When God closes a door, he opens a window”. But even after reading that quote twice, it is easy to overlook the comma that resides in it. There is a pause in that statement. There is a moment of silence in between the closing of a door and the opening of a window. God doesn’t always hand us a brand new set of instructions immediately after our last. In fact, he rarely does. We live in a world where speed and efficiency is a delicacy. We want things to happen in an instant. Why read a book when you can just use google for a quick answer? Why cook a meal at home when there is a fast food restaurant right across the street that I can have right now? Why study for a test when there is a really smart girl sitting next to me in class that I can copy off of? We can never be fully appreciative of God and his marvelous work when we are constantly on the go. That is why God inserts a comma into our lives. There is a period of time where everything is quiet and still. We sit in a waiting room for what seems like an eternity and begin to question if the doctor has forgotten about us. “But God, I have an open wound from this door that was just slammed in my face!” It is extremely difficult during this time to remain faithful, but that is exactly what God is challenging you to do. How far will you trust God? He knows the severity of your pain. He knows the urgency your care requires. God loves you more than we can comprehend and will never put you through something you cannot handle. God wants you to be faithful as you wait in pain.

Galatians 6:9 says,

“Let us not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Do not lose hope and count your pain as a loss. The severity of your pain will reflect the power of God if you wait on his perfect timing. Take a step back and breathe. God has you in a waiting room, not a cell or a hole in the ground. Take advantage of this time and place God has given you to learn and grow.

Proverbs 14:29 says,

“Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick tempered displays folly.”

That verse gives a clear picture for the reason why God wants us to be patient. It is easy to do something carelessly when we quickly react to something we do not understand. Patience brings understanding and purpose to the things we do, even the things that hurt us in the past. God knows that you are hurting. Stay faithful, reflect and learn because before you know it the great physician will be calling your name with healing in his hand.


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