God I’m so blessed, being born in this country

I’ve been given a nice home, good friends and great family

To list all I have, I’d be writing for weeks

While others would just be happy with some shoes on their feet

But lets put that aside, my favorite show is on

I’ll watch it on my new flat screen I just bought off Amazon

Off to the gym, gotta get some tone

Heading there now, but wait! Almost forgot my phone

Its gotten pretty late, almost quarter till ten

Can’t believe today is Sunday, looks like I missed church again

Dear God, please forgive me, I know that you will

One hour with you went missing, I guess that wont kill

But if it’s all I’m willing to offer, then who’s blood do I bleed?

The world, or Christ? What God do you feed?

 From school to work, what’s there to say, your clock is booked all week

I know I’m not the first to say your problem is not unique

Let me ask another question. Where does the problem really start?

Don’t answer this lightly, is it the schedule, or the heart?

In America we believe all we want, we should receive

There’s no filter on those things, no reason they’d deceive 

With the whole world on our plate, why look for more

Our stomachs are filled with wants and desires galore 

These are the things we live for every day

The hypocrites are standing, saying Heaven’s like a fairway

No need for sacrifice when love is just a feeling

Just say you love Christ, and do a little kneeling

We were all born to love something, but that “something” takes time

It takes effort, and focus or else we’ll be misaligned

So those things that we say are not truly what we love

Maybe they’re best if let down and gotten rid of

If you say that you can’t, you’ll see that I’m right

You cling to the world and all it’s delights

This world’s not our home if you follow Christ

No matter what I do, through him, I’m sufficed

Let that be my story, in terms of what I need

Make me rich, make me poor, it doesn’t matter to me

My God is my fortress, my refuge and strength

I will praise your name till my life’s very length

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