Runner’s Prayer


“I have taught you in the way of wisdom, I have led you on the right paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you shall not fall.”

– Proverbs 4:11-12.

How often do we feel stagnant in our walk with God? Like you are going nowhere and you are the same person you have always been. Maybe you feel that if you were to move any faster or at all, then you will fall because of your own failures and incompetence. You are scared because there is a risk of everything crashing to the ground. So instead, you have taken a seat and stopped moving. The path to Christ is not an easy one. It is not a flat, straight, smooth trail. It often requires more then we think we have. It changes people and gives life purpose. Purpose that can only be seen through experience, not seen as much from the outside. Let me show you the glory of the run. May this prayer one day be your own.

The Runner’s Prayer

Lord, I see the cross in front of me. The journey is long and my body is weak. Fill me with your spirit, Lord, and give me the will to run. I will run to the cross until I’m at your feet. I will run to you until my last heart beat. You alone are my focus, Lord. You are all I desire. Let all other desires of the world fade away. I am done forcing things of this world to fit my satisfaction and joy. They don’t fit! They were never meant to fill that void. You are that perfect fit, Lord. It is you who I alone am satisfied in. Only you is where true joy comes from. I will run to you, God. Why bother to walk? If I’m not giving my all, then why even talk?

Lord, let me run fast! Let me run fast so that I can see and know that the people beside me keeping up stride are truly the ones you destined for my future. Their passion will be my passion. My God is their God. Let every step be intentional and effective towards propelling myself forward. Every day is a new step taken with power when it is spent in your presence. Help me to value each step and take advantage of it. Lord, make me fast!

Make me strong! Lord, when every step is upon rocks and thorns, give me strength to push through. Let my feet become callused and firm. Give me strength with every step in confidence, that regardless of what comes my way, you will hold me up. Give me the strength to overcome every sin and temptation that evil taunts me with. If it’s fear, I will crush it. If it’s pride, it will die. If it’s anger, I’ll drive it down. I will continue to run with no fear because I know the power that is living inside of me. Lord, give me strength!

Give me a heart that endures. A heart that sees beyond pain, beyond grief, beyond hate and strife. Let the passion I have for you remain burning ablaze as long as I live. Let the pain that once caused me to stumble be the fuel for my drive. Blessed are those who suffer for your names sake! Don’t let my stride die down to a halt. Let it continue and endure with boundless joy. Give me endurance to continue on!

Lord, make me loud! Make this run no secret. Let all the love inside me recognize that it cannot be contained and erupt out of my heart and soul! Let me be heard from the highest mountain or the lowest valley. Let your voice project from my lips like thunder so that all can see the power you truly have. Make such a noise that others feel compelled to unleash the power of your word in them as well. Make me so loud the enemy trembles and hides from your undeniable truth. Let it be a war cry of victory, knowing that the race is already won. I know you are at the finish line, Lord Jesus. When all is said and done, I will be standing there with you by your side. Lord, make me loud!


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