Devil’s End

I don’t want to spend too much time introducing this post. But if you read my last post, Alpha and Omega, then this plays out as a continuation to that. In my search for answers, I dug into the past and found a rare piece of writing that I wrote during the summer. It was a declaration to the life I wanted to live and a challenge to my adversaries to stop what God has the power to do with little me. There is power in remembering the words God has spoken to you in the past. Hopefully you will see that here.

I am my own greatest enemy. The devil can’t compete with me, but in my case he often does not have to. He does not need to wage war against me because I am constantly waging war against myself. I cause my own bleeding, I am weak from it. As long as there is bloodshed, he is happy. To that I say no more!

I need to make him fight.

I need to make him fear the Spirit inside me.

I need to make him tremble at the sight of my potential.

My potential is only limited by my usefulness of time and energy, or lack thereof. My heart needs to be in a place that keeps me hungry for Christ. My heart needs to focus on what really matters. I need to do something that that forces the devil the to whip his head back around and center in on me. I need to be living a life that makes the devil wish he paid me more attention when I was weak. I need to be ready for the moment God provides that opportunity. Whether its an event that breathes new light in me or a progression of the heart that steadily provides me with strength, I need to be ready. I need to be ready because when that time comes, the devil will not hold back. Satan will fear not just the potential within, but the spiritual energy beaming out. I want to be like a screen that Satan can watch sitting in the front row to the playing of the Alpha and Omega. I want him to see the beginning and the end. I want him to see his beginning and his end. Let my life reflect God’s truth and power. Let him rage at the screen. Let him yell and call for my head. Let him hold nothing back because I know that neither will God’s hand of protection.

For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. – Isaiah 41:13

So how does anyone prepare for something like this? First, know that you do not need to fear that which you do not have. Be faithful in what you have now and hungry for what you don’t. In other words:

Do not fear the mission God has given you now. Do not fear the wisdom and knowledge you do not have. Be faithful with the wisdom and knowledge you have right now. Be hungry for the wisdom and knowledge you do not have now.

May God bless you with the words he has given to me in that past to share now. It was no mistake for this timing. I hope you are encouraged and strengthened by them as I have been.

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