Breakdown – The Mask: Part 1.1

“To be lukewarm is to use the belief in God as a crutch: it’s painful to walk, but with this crutch you carry on trying to convince yourself and others that you are fine.”

I also describe this person as the Bipolar Christian. This person walks according to the desires of their flesh – serving only themselves. They sit on the throne of their life, but their kingdom burns. Amidst the burning of spiritual neglect, they soak in the words of sympathy from others to ease their pain. They crave words of approval, like, “Just keep doing what you are doing! Just keep trying to find yourself! You are just a victim of circumstance!” But when a voice of reason comes by with constructive words to help them rebuild their life through living for Christ and not their own way, they retaliate in pride, saying, “No! My way is right! Don’t judge me!” It is never their own poor decision-making that is the cause of their internal suffering. They walk painfully forward with the crutch of belief that their way is still right. The voice of reason will always remain looked at as the bad guy, the judgmental bigot and “holier than thou” pharisee. While their emotional and spiritual state crumbles, their pride will always come to the defense of their flesh when correction and conviction swing their way. This is the Bipolar Christian delusion. At one moment, “I mess everything up, I cannot trust myself!” and the next moment, “How dare you question my judgment!” Ladies and gentlemen, this is the lukewarm “Christian”, the “Crutch” and the “Mask”.

Check out The Mask: Part 1 for more!

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